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Go Wild With Rose!

09 February 2021

I can now offer Ephemeral Art (or Playful Making!) sessions on a one-to-one basis, either in your own garden, or in a local woodland. This is a wonderful way to be effortlessly mindful, and connect deeply with nature. There are no expectations, no judgement, it's just a chance to be curious, experimental, playful. Here are a few examples of what I've been creating recently - you will come up with something completely different as the...

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Ephemeral Art

20 November 2020

In common with many people, nature has been a huge source of solace to me during the pandemic, and recently I’ve started making small temporary artworks, using leaves, twigs, stones – whatever comes to hand – while out walking in the countryside. I’ve found this a wonderful way to connect deeply with nature, really helping me to be mindful, in the moment and awakening all my senses. No special skills are required,...

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Dry River Bed

20 July 2020

When clients decided they no longer wanted their water feature, Chameleon Design suggested creating a dry river bed effect, with plants growing among carefully placed pale boulders and rounded river cobbles, and a gravel mulch filling in. The plants are chosen to be mostly low and rounded, echoing the shapes of the rocks, with accents of spikey plants for punctuation. Some of the planting is in full sun and here we used plants that thrive in...

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Go Wild For Nature!

18 February 2020

No damage here from the recent storms, but it has felt a bit apocalyptic and a reminder of what lies ahead as the climate crisis deepens. It helps to get out of 'tidy gardener' mentality, and remember that nature heals itself when we get out of the way, and in fact, all our native flora and fauna co-evolved with big destructive mega fauna like mammoths, so thrives on dead wood and rough treatment. Nature on the whole isn't smooth or neat, it is...

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Rural garden

10 January 2020

These pictures were mailed to me by a very happy client - the last one is a 'before' shot and you can see there has been a transformation. Initially my client was unsure about the large pond, but as you can see from the photos, it is already a wonderful feature, with the dramatic boardwalk, overhanging deck and oak gazebo. I love the way a body of water brings the sky down into the garden, and creates stunning reflections. In the Spring, the...

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