Dry River Bed

20 July 2020

When clients decided they no longer wanted their water feature, Chameleon Design suggested creating a dry river bed effect, with plants growing among carefully placed pale boulders and rounded river cobbles, and a gravel mulch filling in. The plants are chosen to be mostly low and rounded, echoing the shapes of the rocks, with accents of spikey plants for punctuation. Some of the planting is in full sun and here we used plants that thrive in Mediterranean type climates, often fragrant and great for pollinators. One end of the planting is in the dappled shade of the bespoke arched pergola, and here we used lots of ferns and greenery. This project gave us the opportunity to introduce new plant habitats into this sizeable garden. It has established really well, with good compost enriched soil, and the gravel mulch helping to retain moisture and suppress weeds. We think it's looking stunning! Would this work in your garden?


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