Healing Garden

18 December 2019

Chameleon Design is delighted to have been appointed to redesign a garden for the use of a wheelchair bound client who suffered severe brain injury in a road traffic accident. This is a project I feel very strongly about as it embodies my values and beliefs that gardens can be nurturing, restorative spaces which help people connect to nature. The existing garden is bland and uninviting , as well as being virtually inaccessible without assistance. Taking my brief from all involved in my client’s care, my aim is to create a garden which is closely matched to his requirements and abilities, present and future. Preliminary proposals include a sheltered outdoor building for some privacy; encouraging birds and butterflies into the garden to create movement and interest; planting which is not high maintenance but has lots of colour and seasonal change; allowing outdoor space for physio; and finding ways to minimise noise and disruption during the construction phase. It all needs to be safe and accessible for wheelchair use as well as for ambulant disabled, without looking too institutional. My client has live-in care workers and it is important that they also have an attractive and stimulating environment to encourage them to stay long term. A really inspirational commission!


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