Detail Design

Planting design

Rose has built up an excellent body of plant knowledge having worked in a plant nursery and grown a wide variety of different plants in her own gardens over the years. She can advise on plants for many different uses such as wildlife habitat, sun- or shade-loving, drought or moisture tolerance, year-round colour and structure, low maintenance and so on. We will prepare detailed plans and schedules listing all plants, their sizes, spacings and quantities. Further supporting information describing the different plants and their appearance or management can be included if required.

For mature gardens we are careful to incorporate any existing site assets such as mature trees or shrubs. Sometimes previously undistinguished specimens can be transformed by bold but sensitive pruning. In other instances, established borders may just need a bit of tweaking to restore harmony, and you can count on us to do what’s best for the garden in the long term.

We can source good quality plants for you at a considerable saving compared to garden centre prices.

Construction drawings

Wonderful ideas are all very well, but someone has to tell the builder how to turn them into reality! We can produce detailed technical drawings so that you can be sure of getting the result and the quality you expect. This will also allow contractors and specialists to produce accurate costings for the work in advance. This is particularly important where the design includes one-off, bespoke elements – have a look at the amazing arched pergolas in the Contemporary Walled Garden in the Cotswolds for example, or the classic green oak & tile gazebos in the Hampshire Country Estate.

Specification of materials

Whether traditional or contemporary, choosing the right materials for the job is a vital part of achieving the desired result. We have experience of selecting and using all kinds of materials, both tried and tested, as well as more unconventional (eg fine guage stainless steel mesh used as ‘curtains’ in our Westonbirt festival garden).


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