With climate change very much in the news, we're aware that much of our work involves bringing in heavy machinery and a certain amount of destruction as well as creation! We're very keen to help clients to create gardens that are more planet-friendly. There are lots of ways to do this; some ideas are listed below:

  • Space to grow your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and cut flowers;
  • Space for compost, leaf mould heaps, habitat piles;
  • Space for children to learn about nature and plants;
  • Space to unwind and recharge your batteries;
  • Growing plants that support more wildlife;
  • Incorporating wildlife ponds, and similar wildlife-friendly features;
  • Designing gardens to become rich & robust ecosystems, thus needing less pest control;
  • Use of locally sourced hard materials;
  • Imaginative re-use of on-site material, recognition of existing ‘site capital’;
  • Use of materials with lower carbon footprints (not always obvious!);
  • ‘Disconnect the downpipe!’ – use rainwater (safely) in the garden rather than piping into the sewers;
  • Green roofs – great for making sheds and outbuildings blend in to the garden better.

We can help to advise you on which approaches are likely to be most appropriate to your garden, and how to incorporate them in ways which are beautiful and still allow you to have a garden which functions well for its human inhabitants. Although this is something we feel strongly about and have pursued for many years, we don’t believe in preaching – at the end of the day it’s your garden and you have to be happy with it!

For larger gardens we also offer a consultancy service working with you to guide long term management in ways which will enhance wildlife habitat and biodiversity, and support dynamic natural systems to increase sustainability.

Our office and practice is run along sustainable lines: we are paperless where possible, use recycled paper for printing and rechargeable batteries for appliances; our electricity is from renewable sources; waste is re-used, composted or recycled; and some local visits are made by bicycle or on foot, where feasible. At Christmas time rather than sending cards, we like to make a donation to Tree Aid, a charity planting trees with local people in dry areas of Africa, to help support rural livelihoods.


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